Beginner LAMDA
Introductory examinations are designed to introduce students to creative expression and to the LAMDA examinations framework. Students will develop the ability to share a poem with actions and respond to simple questions with confidence, while also enhancing their memory and recall skills. Every week children will work towards their examination piece and practice their public speaking skills. Performing the poems from memory will develop strong presentation skills and a good speaking voice.

Intermediate LAMDA
LAMDA examinations in Acting help to develop effective oral communication skills that will prove invaluable throughout life. The students choose two monologues that are suitable for their grading from the LAMDA syllabus. We then work on one piece at a time where children have to learn by heart and block/stage the excerpt. We perform it every week to the others in the class so by the time the exam comes round it can be performed confidently. These classes are good at encouraging children to think for themselves and to understand the process of creating
characters. Equally importantly, memorising a number of pieces encourages self-discipline and focus.

Advanced LAMDA
Advanced LAMDA examinations in Acting use the preparation and performance of dramatic scenes to support the development of self-confidence and communication skills. Exploring different characters also allows students to get to the heart of how feelings and emotions dictate behaviour, encouraging them to become more self-aware. As with all LAMDA examinations, the development of a clear speaking voice and good body language are integral.