TAPA Juniors is fun 45 minute class that includes all three disciplines of dance, drama and singing. Every term the children will work on a theme that will culminate in a performance to parents on the last day of term. This is a good class for confidence building and developing creativity.

TAPA Young Performers is our main, three hour session for students aged 6 – 13. The students have separate classes in all three disciplines of dance, drama and singing. Students will not only have the opportunity to develop their technical skills and confidence in all three disciplines but they will also have the chance to prepare for performances of a larger scale production at the end of the year. TAPA Young Performers is a great class for any student that enjoys performing. It helps to develop confidence, communication skills and creativity in a really fun and supportive environment.

TAPA Seniors Musical Theatre is our specialist musical theatre workshop for our senior school (ages 14+). The class develops vocal technique, expands student’s repertoire and develops performance skills specifically focussing on singing. TAPA Seniors Musical Theatre workshop is ideal for students studying for GCSE or A-Level music, preparing for National Youth Music Theatre or for further professional training.

The TAPA Seniors Acting programme will involve sight reading, script work and improvisation. All three techniques are needed for auditions. Within the class, senior students will also have the opportunity to build confidence and socialisation skills